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  • Why MyCutis cold balm is better than other products in the market?
    Natural products always compliment our bodies. With MyCuties we perfectly blend the healing power of centuries old Eastern herbal ingredients with the recently unleashed healing power of hemp oil. The result is magical.
  • How do I apply MyCutis Cold Balm?
    Massage the cold balm onto affected area for targeted relief as needed. You can use it daily all over the body or use as a spot treatment. Do not use on open wounds or on broken skin. The product is for external use only.
  • How long does it take for me to see the results?
    Each person is different. The result may vary.
  • Where are all the ingredients from?
    Our hemp oil is grown, processed and tested in the USA. The majority of our ingredients are also from the United States, but a few ingredients are imported from certified suppliers in Thailand.
  • Where are the products manufactured? Are the product made in USA?
    Yes, every jar is made by a certified facility right here in Michigan, USA.
  • I don’t like the product, what can I do?"
    I’m sorry to hear that. MyCutis Cold Balm has all the best ingredients and our families and friends prove that it helps them. Please give it a try few more times since each person will experience it differently. If we really can’t satisfy your need and our product doesn’t work with you, we are happy to return your money. Please email us at within 30 days of purchase for the return instructions. (We have 30 days satisfaction guarantee)
  • I have rashes where I apply the product, what do I do?"
    If you have adverse reaction, please stop applying the products right away. Please consult with your doctor. The rashes should go away in few days. Please contact our customer service if you have any questions.
  • What do we do with the glass container?
    Please recycle the container when the cream is gone.
  • Is MyCutis Cold Balm safe for my kids?
    Absolutely! When we created the MyCutis Hemp Oil Cold Balm formula, one of our primary concerns was making it safe for children. We've tested and feel confident using this product on our own children. Because this product is a topical designed for skin and contains menthol (which is an eye irritant), please do not touch the eyes or use the product by mouth. *Also be careful not to apply to your little one's hands because they might touch their eyes or put their hands in their mouth. If this does happen, don't panic. Just use warm water and wipe away the excess.
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