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Compassion is the foundation of MyCutis 

The entire MyCutis healing product line is developed and formulated by a well-respected, world renowned plastic reconstructive and microvascular surgeon. Working as a surgeon is tedious and requires many hours of standing while bending. After months of searching for a product to help relieve pain that was natural (non-intoxicating), ethically sourced, and reliable, his search fell short. That's when he decided to create his own. 


The mission of MyCutis is to create the safest, most natural, scientifically efficacious, healing products that promote optimal health and well-being. To that end we have embraced the study of modern western science and ancient traditional herbal remedies. Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years; now we are perfecting it. Ancient remedies are being reborn through futuristic medical sciences.


We design products that we’d not only recommend to our grandparents, it is also our first option when treating our own children.

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